David Parker on the Issues



David Parker will work to create:

  • Stronger Schools – To give our children the tools for success.
  • Safer Streets – To make Mississippi a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.
  • Lower Taxes – To help hardworking families and businesses keep more.
  • More Jobs – To put Mississippians back to work.

David Parker is a proven Republican who will protect our conservative values of limited government, less spending and lower taxes in DeSoto County and Mississippi.

  • Promote a strong economy that keeps and attracts new opportunities, and the jobs they bring, to Mississippi.
  • Lower taxes to help our hardworking families keep more and incentivize small business to reinvest in growth and expansion.
  • Eliminate wasteful government spending and ensure that government lives within a balanced budget, just like our families do.
  • Streamline government to make it more open, honest, and accountable to us and remove job-killing bureaucracy that hurts our jobs.
  • Protect our conservative family values, defend all life and preserve our Second Amendment rights.