Senators Parker, Blackwell and Massey on shooting of Sheriff’s deputies

JACKSON (January 26, 2017) – DeSoto Senators David Parker, Kevin Blackwell and Chris Massey issue this joint statement today:

The attempted deadly assault on two DeSoto County Sheriff deputies last night illustrates again the sacrifice law enforcement officers make every day to protect our citizens and communities. We pray for a full recovery of both deputies, and pray comfort for their families and the DeSoto Sheriff’s office.

Every day, law enforcement on the city, county and state level stand between us and danger. When criminals attempt to kill them, it is an offense worthy of stronger punishment. The DeSoto delegation “backs the badge” and sends a clear message that we will not tolerate such attacks.

This morning the Senate passed SB2469 to provide further protection to law enforcement by making any crime committed against them or other first responders, because of their service, a hate crime under state law. We expect this or similar legislation to pass the House as well with overwhelming support.

We thank law enforcement for their work. While we hope we won’t see any more assaults on law enforcement officers, those wearing the badge know it can happen anytime as they do their jobs to keep us safe every day. We’re proud and grateful for their service.


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