Parker Statement on Southaven Park Funding

Will introduce extension but provide vehicle for opponents to end program;approach agreed to by mayor, city leaders

JACKSON (January 18, 2017) – Senator David Parker released the following statement regarding the Southaven parks funding program. Parker serves as Vice Chairman of the Local and Private Committee in the Senate which oversees these measures.

“Southaven Mayor Musselwhite and the entire Board of Aldermen unanimously requested an extension to the local restaurant and tourism funding program for Southaven parks. After receiving this request, I reached out to the mayor, city leaders, the Southaven Chamber of Commerce, as well as parents, seniors, concert goers and tennis enthusiasts. They have shared the benefits they feel they have reaped both individually and as a community.

I’ve also spoken with some who oppose the extension of this program.

My wish is to honor the request of our city leaders and citizens, but be respectful of those who share a different opinion. The Senate plans to introduce legislation to extend this program, but provide a vehicle to require an additional vote, should citizens wish to see the program removed. I’ve discussed this with the mayor and city leaders and they agree that this would be the best approach.

I look forward to passing this legislation in the Senate and sending it to the House for their consideration.”

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